United Kingdom Legal Research Guide

This in-depth guide will help researchers navigate legal materials for the United Kingdom.

In-Depth Resources: Treatises & Practice Guides

Treatises are scholarly works that provide comprehensive treatment of a single, broad subject.  Practice guides are more practitioner-oriented and often focus on narrower topics.  The left-hand column below contains a selection of leading treatises and practice guides offering in-depth coverage of UK legal topics.  See the right-hand column below for tips on how to locate additional resources.  

Treatises & Practice Guides

UK Treatises on Lexis and Westlaw

Lexis and Westlaw each offer a limited selection of treatises on UK law to their U.S. academic subscribers:

Find More Resources on UK Law

To locate addition materials on a particular aspect of UK law from the Georgetown Law Library's collection, use the Advanced Search and select Law Library Catalog

For greater precision, select Subject as the search field in the first line and enter Great Britain as an exact phrase.  In the second line, select Title as the search field or use the default Any Field setting.  Enter a keyword or exact phrase in the search box.  For example: 

Sample Search for Great Britain in the Subject Field and for Copyright in the Title Field:


Sample Search Results

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