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Interlibrary Loan FAQs

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about ILL.

What If I Am an RA, Journal Student or a Faculty Support Staff?

Research Assistants: Please view the Interlibrary Loan Instructions for RAs for special guidance. For example, in some instances, it would be more appropriate that you submit requests under the faculty's proxy account instead your personal ILLiad account.

Journal Students: Please view the  Interlibrary Loan Instructions for Journal Staff for special guidance. For example, what information you include in the request form can be different depending on what ILLiad account your journal office wants you to use.

Faculty Support Staff: If you need to request an ILL for a faculty to use, please email either the ILL Office ( or Library Research Services ( with the citation and the name of the professor, instead of submitting requests under your personal ILLiad account.