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Interlibrary Loan FAQs

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about ILL.

Where Can ILL Books Be Returned?

Borrowed ILL materials may be returned to:

  • The Circulation Desk when it is open.
  • Library Book drop located in the atrium when the Circulation Desk or Law Library is closed (as long as the material is not fragile).
  • Library Book Drop box on fifth floor of McDonough (primarily for faculty borrowed library books and as long as the material is not fragile).
  • Library return bins on the floor behind the reception desk in Office of Journal Administration (Suite 170 Library) if borrowed by a journal office.
  • Outdoor book drop, located outside of the campus iron gates, by the Law Library building on the corner of New Jersey Avenue and G Street (as long as the material is not fragile).

Regardless of which library loaned you the book, we do not recommend returning any ILL books to the main campus library's circulation desk. That desk would not have the ability to access our ILLiad system to update your record and is not responsible for returning the book to the lending library. Out of courtesy, the main campus circulation desk will route the returned ILL books to this office for proper return processing. However, transit time may be a few days and you will be held responsible for the books until they reach the Law Library's ILL Office.