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Interlibrary Loan Instructions for Research Assistants

Interlibrary Loan Instructions for Research Assistants


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The library has undergone a website re-design and is currently undergoing a library system migration therefore hyperlinks on this research guide may be outdated. The guide will be updated, after the library system migration, sometime in the fall. Please contact the ILL Office should you have any questions.

Where to submit an Interlibrary Loan request

Submit requests through the ILLiad System. The link can be found on the Law Library's Student Resources page.

When to Use Interlibrary Loan Service as a Research Assistant

Start by searching:

GULLiver Catalog

To find Law Library copies of books, ebooks and print journal titles.
OneSearch To find electronic articles through a Georgetown database. Search by article title.


If a citation is not available in:

  • Print at the Law Library (including materials that are checked out, lost or missing), or
  • Electronic form from a Georgetown database,

then submit an Interlibrary Loan request.

Optional Steps Prior to ILL Submission

  • If you will be checking-out and using a book yourself, then...
Check: Includes: Other Info:
Main campus George Catalog & borrow an "Available" copy via Intercampus Loan Service (ILS), overseen by Williams Circulation Desk. Lauinger, Dahlgren Medical, Blommer Science, Bio-Ethics & Woodstock Theological libraries, as well as Off-Campus Shelving (ILS does not include "In Library Use" books).
  • Do not use ILS for Qatar books. Use ILL instead.
  • If you need a book in less than 3 business days, visit the respective library to check-out the book on-site.
  • Do not lend any library books checked out to your own account to the faculty.
Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC) Catalog & borrow an "Available" copy via Consortium Loan Service (CLS), overseen by Williams Circulation Desk. Undergraduate libraries of American, Catholic, Gallaudet, George Mason, George Washington, Howard, Marymount & The District of Columbia universities.
  • If you need a WRLC book in less than 3 days, then visit the library with an "Available" copy to check-out on-site.
  • WRLC Law Libraries books cannot be borrowed via CLS. Use ILL instead.
  • Do not lend any library books checked out to your own account to the faculty.
  • If you will be checking out a Main Campus book to the faculty's RA or proxy account, then
First: Second: Third:

Establish proxy authorization by:

  1. Completing main campus' Faculty Proxy Form,
  2. Have the faculty sign the form,
  3. Email the form to Lauinger Library.
Submit via George Catalog an Intercampus Loan request under your main campus library account. When main campus book arrives & you visit the Williams Circulation Desk, instruct the staff to check the copy out to the faculty's proxy account.


  • Alternatively, you may visit the main campus library and check-out the book directly to the faculty proxy account.
  • There is no faculty proxy program through WRLC's Consortium Loan Service. Use ILL instead and submit using the faculty RA ILLiad account. See How to Submit an ILL as an RA.