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Interlibrary Loan FAQs

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about ILL.

Can Required Readings Be Requested?

Please first check the library catalog for required reading textbooks and study aids that may be housed in the Reading Room, Circulation Desk Reserves, Course Reserves, or Casebook Reserves. See our Library FAQ "Does the library have my casebook? Or other textbooks?" for more tips.

If you are experiencing difficulties getting a casebook in time for your assignments, e.g., back order or mail delivery delays, please inform the faculty as it may be more of a widespread problem. The faculty may be willing to consider addressing the issue by placing a copy of the first few readings on Canvas or TWEN for your class.

However, we do not accept via ILL requests to borrow casebooks, study aids or required readings for syllabus assignments, even if copies do not exist in the Law Library.

  • Please note that, even under normal circumstances, casebooks and study aids are difficult to impossible to borrow via ILL.  Most other law libraries typically treat such publications as non-circulating materials like this Law Library does.
  • Even if physical loans of such publications are successfully borrowed, they usually arrive well after a reading is due.
  • Due to licensing, we cannot borrow electronic formats of casebooks via ILL. 
  • Unfortunately, casebook publishers will not sell electronic licenses with unlimited users to law libraries, and we are unable to purchase individual access for you. Each academic year it is expected that students will purchase required casebooks and readings.

We will not process ILL requests to obtain scans of your reading assignments out of course textbooks as such requests are may infringe on fair use.

For study aids, see our Library FAQ "For the Fall 2021 & Spring 2022 semesters, do I have access to electronic study aids?"

If you are assigned to read only certain pages out of a casebook, study aid, or textbook that is not accessible electronically or readily available in print, please ask your faculty to place a copy in Canvas or TWEN for your class. 

If you need pages out of a casebook, study aid, or textbook for anything other than for an assigned reading, i.e., class paper, journal note, source collection assignment, or seminar research, you must include into the ILL request the name of your class / seminar and faculty, or journal. The textbook title may be checked against a required reading list for your class, or the requested citation may be verified with the journal editor.