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United Kingdom Legal Research Guide

This in-depth guide will help researchers navigate legal materials for the United Kingdom.

Bibliographies, Think Tank Research & Blog Commentary


Bibliographies are compilations of secondary source materials pertaining to a specified topic. 

  • Brexit Debate Map -- Oxford Public International Law
    This compilation focuses on the mechanics of leaving the EU, the impact on EU citizens living in the UK and British citizens living in EU member states, and the implications for UK public policy.  Direct links are provided to relevant journal articles, book chapters, UK government reports, legal analysis, and blog posts.
  • Reading List on UK-EU Relations 2013-2016 -- House of Commons Library
    This comprehensive listing of mostly pre-referendum (and some post-referendum) publications includes books; journal articles; news articles; reports published by the UK government and by the devolved governments in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland; think tank papers; and blog posts.  Direct links are provided to most content.  To download the reading list as a PDF document, open the HTML version your browser, scroll down, and click on the link next to the PDF icon.

Think Tank Research

The organizations listed below publish credible, objective research on Brexit and its consequences.  Many of them maintain dedicated webpages from which you may access all of their Brexit-related content.  Most are free resources, but one subscription database also is included.

  • After Brexit:  Britain's Future -- Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House)
    Founded in 1920, this independent, London-based institute is one of the most respected voices in international public policy.  Its dedicated Brexit webpage provides access to expert commentary, articles from the Institute's journal, International Affairs, and its magazine, The World Today, as well as audio recordings of seminars, briefings, and roundtable discussions.
  • Brexit Resources -- British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL)
    This independent, non-profit think tank is a reliable source for objective research and analysis.  Its Brexit-related content includes research papers, FAQs, as well as podcasts and video recordings.
  • Brexit Responses -- European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)
    The ECFR is an independent think tank with offices in seven European capitals, including London. Commentary from the ECFR's experts analysts on various aspects of Brexit is aggregated on the webpage linked above.
  • Britain & the EU -- Centre for European Reform
    This London-based think tank describes itself as being generally supportive, but not uncritical, of the EU.  Its dedicated Brexit webpage aggregates commentary from its own in-house experts and from experts affiliated with other institutions.
  • British Institute of International & Comparative Law (BIICL)
    This independent, non-profit think tank maintains a dedicated Brexit page on its website, from which you may access fact sheets, reports, commentary, and videos of panel discussions sponsored by the Institute.
  • Business Monitor International (BMI) Research
    This subscription-based research service analyzes the political, economic, and business climates in jurisdictions worldwide and issues country-specific reports, industry-specific reports, thematic "special reports," and up-to-date coverage of "hot topics," including Brexit.  Search by keyword or browse by country (geography), by industry (service), by special report, or by hot topic. 
  • The Constitution Society
    This independent, non-partisan educational foundation promotes informed debate about proposed changes to the UK's constitution.  Click on the "Publications" tab in the main menu bar on the homepage of the Society's website to access Brexit-related publications, including Brexit:  The Immediate Legal Consequences.
  • The UK and Europe  -- The Constitution Unit, University College London
    This research institute, affiliated with University College London, also focuses on developments in UK constitutional law.  It maintains a dedicated Brexit webpage from which you may access briefing papers, videos, and blog posts.
  • The UK in a Changing Europe -- King's College, University of London
    This initiative, based at King's College London, produces objective, non-partisan research on the UK's evolving relationship with the EU.  Its website provides access to research papers, commentary from UK academics, and topical videos.

Blog Commentary & Analysis

The blogs listed below regularly publish posts about the legal aspects of Brexit.

The following non-legal blogs are also good sources for informed commentary on Brexit and its aftermath.