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Statistics and Empirical Legal Studies Research Guide

Searching for Empirical Studies on a Particular Topic

If you are interested in empirical studies of a particular legal topic, you can search with keywords like "empirical" added to your query (Ex: capital punishment and empirical). Search the following types of databases for results: 1) If you are looking for books, search using the Library Search Tool, which includes our catalog, and run a keyword search. You can also search Worldcat to find books in other libraries. 2) To find specific articles for which you have a citation, search by journal title in our Journal Finder. 3) To search for working papers yet to be published, search SSRN.

Empirical Legal Studies Periodicals

The periodicals below frequently publish empirical research on legal topics, as well as articles about empirical research methods in the law.

For more information, see the guide Articles for Legal and Non-Legal Research.