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Articles for Legal and Non-Legal Research

This is a quick guide to scholarly article databases and indexes. It includes indexes to journals and magazines, as well as other scholarly literature.

Getting Started

Scholarly research should include the consultation of articles in law journals and/or law reviews. The collection at the Georgetown Law Library includes all major law journals and reviews as well as many non-legal journals, in a combination of print and electronic formats. Additionally, on-campus access is provided for many articles in electronic format from the main campus and medical center libraries.

A law journal or law review is a legal periodical or magazine containing scholarly articles, essays, and other commentary on legal topics by professors, judges, law students, and practitioners. Articles in periodicals describe, often in depth, the current state of the law, and offer analysis of legal policies, rules and history. Journal articles offer extensive footnotes, citing primary and secondary sources relevant to the article's topic. Non-legal journals contain articles that cover other academic and general areas of study.

Getting Started with Legal Articles

Getting Started with Non-Legal Articles

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