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International Commercial Arbitration Research Guide

This guide introduces researchers to primary and secondary sources for international commercial arbitration research.

Regional & Jurisdiction-Specific Resources

U.S. Law & Practice in Int'l Commercial Arbitration

Domke on Commercial Arbitration
This Westlaw treatise focuses primarily on arbitration practices in the U.S., but it also includes chapters on the enforcement of arbitration agreements in international transactions, the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in U.S. courts, and the enforcement of American arbitral awards in foreign courts.

International Commercial Arbitration: A Guide for U.S. Judges
Published by the Federal Judicial Center, this practical guide explains the differences between U.S. domestic arbitration and international commercial arbitration.  It also discusses the role of the federal courts in resolving disputes involving international commercial arbitration.

Restatement of the Law, The U.S. Law of International Commercial Arbitration. (Draft, Not Yet Finalized)
The American Law Institute is in the process of drafting what is intended to be an authoritative summary of the general principles of international commercial arbitration law as they are applied in the U.S.  Current drafts of the Restatement, as well as tables of cited cases, are available on HeinOnline and on Westlaw.

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