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International Commercial Arbitration Research Guide

This guide introduces researchers to primary and secondary sources for international commercial arbitration research.

Arbitral Institutions & Procedural Rules

Dozens of institutions specializing in the resolution of cross-border disputes administer international commercial arbitrations. These institutions typically provide a neutral set of procedural rules, maintain a roster of qualified arbitrators, resolve challenges to the selection of arbitrators, and provide space for holding hearings

Listed below are links to the websites of some of the most prominent arbitral institutions, as well as electronic and print resources for accessing arbitration rules.

Arbitral Institution Websites

The most comprehensive listing of arbitral institutions worldwide is Juris International's online directory of Dispute Resolution Centers, which may be browsed alphabetically or geographically. 

Listed below are links to the websites of some of the most prominent arbitral institutions.  Note that most of these institutions post current and prior editions of their procedural rules on their websites, from which they may be downloaded in PDF format without charge.

Online Access to Arbitration Rules

Kluwer Arbitration
To access procedural rules from 23 arbitral institutions, click on the white triangle to the left of the search box and select "Rules" as the Content Type.  To compare procedural rules issued by two or more institutions, click on the link labeled "Institutions' Procedural Rules" on the "Practice Tools" menu.

Westlaw offers procedural rules from two dozen international arbitral institutions.

Arbitration Rules & Commentary in Print