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International Commercial Arbitration Research Guide

This guide introduces researchers to primary and secondary sources for international commercial arbitration research.

Electronic Resources for Arbitral Awards & Court Decisions

Table of Contents

The resources described below provide access to arbitral decisions and awards and/or court opinions related to international commercial arbitration.  Bear in mind that all of these resources are selective, not comprehensive, in their coverage.  Therefore, you may need to consult multiple resources in order to find what you are seeking.

Subscription Databases

ICC Dispute Resolution Library (shared user name and password)*
This International Chamber of Commerce database includes extracts from selected arbitral awards issued in proceedings administered by the ICC's International Court of Arbitration from 1990 onward.  The extracts are arranged by ICC case number.  Descriptions of the parties are provided, but their names are omitted.  Coverage is selective, not comprehensive.  Click on "Awards" to browse by subject or on "Bulletins" to browse chronologically.  Or search by keyword.

Kluwer Arbitration
Kluwer Arbitration provides selective coverage of arbitral awards and court decisions on matters of law pertaining to international commercial arbitration, including arbitrability, validity, annulment, and enforcement.  It also offers a separate tool that can be used to search or browse for court decisions concerning the enforcement of awards under the New York Convention.

  • Arbitral Awards & Court Decisions
    To browse for awards, click on the appropriate link on the right side of the homepage.  To search for awards and court decisions by keyword, click on the white triangle to the left of the search box to open the Advanced Search.  Then select "Awards" or "Court Decisions" as the Content Type. Use the filters below to limit your search by court, by arbitral institution (organization), by party name or by time period, if desired. 
  • New York Convention Decisions Tool
    To access the tool, click on the link on the rights side of the homepage.  Enter keywords to search.  Use the filters to limit searches by article of the New York Convention, by topic, by jurisdiction, by court or by time period.  Note that court decisions retrieved by the tool are limited to those published in Yearbook:  Commercial Arbitration.

Transnational Dispute Management (TDM)
To access arbitral awards and court decisions, click on the "Legal and Regulatory Docs" tab on the main menu.  On the following page, click on the "Search" button.  Then scroll down to access the Advanced Search template.  Select "Cases" as the Category. Searches may limited by country and by year.

Westlaw offers the following resources:  

  • International Arbitration Awards
    This database has arbitral decisions awards issued under the rules of several major arbitral institutions, including the ICC, the LCIA, and the PCA.  Coverage is selective, and the dates of coverage vary by arbitral institution. The database also incudes decisions and awards issued in investor-state disputes and in certain types of trade disputes.
  • International Arbitration Cases
    This database is limited to the following jurisdictions: the European Union, Hong Kong, the U.K., and the U.S.  To search by party name, open the Advanced Search template (link to the right of the basic search box) and enter the party name(s) in the Title field.

* Click on the name of the database to open the library catalog record.  Then scroll down to the heading "View Online - Full Text Availability" and click on the link.  When prompted, enter your GULC Net ID and password.  After the page refreshes, you will find a link to the database along with the shared user name and password.   Please log out when finished.

Free Electronic Resources

New York Convention Case Law Database
This searchable database of cases that apply and interpret the New York Convention is provided by UNCITRAL, in partnership with Shearman & Sterling, LLP, and Columbia Law School.  Use the basic search box to search by keyword and filter the results by year, language, jurisdiction, and convention article.  Use the Advanced Search template to search by title (caption), docket number, and party name.  For most cases, an English summary is provided.  The full text of the opinion in its original language can be viewed in your browser or downloaded in PDF format.

CLOUT (Case Law on UNCITRAL Texts) Database
The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) maintains this searchable database of cases that interpret and apply treaties and model laws drafted by UNCITRAL.  Court decisions constitute the majority of the content, but some arbitral decisions also are included.  Only abstracts (summaries) of the court decisions and arbitral awards are provided, not the full texts.  The abstracts are available in all six of the U.N.'s official languages.  For additional information about the database, consult this Fact Sheet (PDF) or this more detailed User Guide (PDF).

Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) Database
Pace Law School maintains this searchable database of cases from multiple jurisdictions that interpret and apply the CISG.  It contains more than 10,000 case abstracts (summaries) and more than 3,000 full-text opinions.  Some decisions issued by arbitral tribunals also are included. 

  • First-time users must register and create a free account.  Users must be logged in to download content.
  • The search template for cae law recognizes Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT).  Searches may be limited by jurisdiction and/or by CISG article number.
  • The annotated texts of CISG articles provide convenient links to relevant legislative (drafting) history doucments, as well as links to secondary sources that explain and interpret each article.