International Commercial Arbitration Research Guide

This guide introduces researchers to primary and secondary sources for international commercial arbitration research.


A bibliography is a comprehensive list of published materials about a particular subject.  Bibliographies provide time-saving alternatives to searching library catalogs and journal databases for relevant books and journal articles. Use the following bibliographies to identify books and journal articles that address various aspects of international commercial arbitration.

  • The Pechota Bibliography on Arbitration. (2nd ed.) K2400.A12 C66 2011 (Final update in 2020)
    Publications listed in Part I are arranged by subject matter. Consult the table of contents for a complete list of topics and subtopics. Publications listed in Part II are arranged by jurisdiction, with more than 171 national and sub-national jurisdictions represented.  The majority of the items in the bibliography are published in English, but many non-English publications also are included.
  • The 1958 New York Convention:  A Bibliography (Last updated in 2020)
    Compiled by UNCITRAL, this searchable database includes citations to nearly 800 books and journals articles about the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards.  Many of these items discuss the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in specific jurisdictions.  The bibliography also is available for download in PDF format. 

If you identify a relevant journal article using one of these bibliographies, use the Search by Citation Tool to determine if the article is available online or in print from one of the Georgetown University libraries.  If you identify a relevant book, search for the title of the book using the Advanced Search to see if it is available at the Georgetown Law Library or at another library that is part of the Washington Research Library Consortium.   For articles that are not available from any Georgetown University library, and for books that are not available from any consortium library, you may submit a request via Inter-Library Loan.