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Source Collection Information for Journals

A manual to assist a Journal Staff start a source collection assignment.

Borrowing Law Library, Consortium (CLS) & ILL Books: A Comparison

  Law Library CLS (incl. main campus) ILL (from other libraries)
Loan Period 6 weeks. 6 weeks Varies by lender.
Renewable? Yes, unless recalled. Three renewals. Yes, unless recalled. Three renewals. Varies by lender. No, if recalled. One renwal.
Daily Late or Recall Fines? Yes!* Yes!* No.
Replacement Fines? Yes!* Yes!* Paid by Journal if book is for cite checking use.
Fines Payable At / To: GULC Student Account. Varies. Paid by Journal to Lending Library.
Privileges Suspended For: Excessive fines. Excessive fines. Overdue loans or poor borrowing record.
Journal Proxy Account? No, but library shelves for Journals. No. Yes. Journal ILLiad accounts.
Turnaround Time? 1-2 days. 3-4 working days. Books: 3-5 working days. Copies: 1-3 days.
Contact for Problems / Questions Circulation Desk, Circulation Desk, Interlibrary Loan,

*Amount & timing of fines vary. Contact respective library service for more information. 

What Services to Use When, Advantages & Disadvantages: A Comparison

Service When to Use Advantages But
Consortium Loan Service (incl. main campus)
  • If your editor lets you check out books in your own name. If not use, ILL & your Journal's ILLiad account.
  • For chapter scanning service, if you have an unambiguous citation.
  • Scan service available for books (within copyrights).
  • You have privilege to visit a WRLC main library & check out a book for immediate needs. (Privilege does not extend to WRLC law libraries.)
  • There is no journal office accounts.
  • Daily late fines, recall fines, etc. are your responsibility.
  • Any scan service problem must be resolved with WRLC library, not Law Library Circulation, nor ILL.
  • WRLC law libraries do not participate in CLS.
Interlibrary Loan
  • Regardless if your editor wants you to use a journal account, or allows you to use your own ILLiad account.
  • For any books or journal articles not readily available or accessible at Law Library.
  • To obtain copies of articles, news articles, book chapter, pages or sections out of larger works.
  • For copies out of books where citation is scant, or request is complex (e.g. request for title page, copyright pg, table of contents and disparate pages are considered complex requests).
  • No daily late fines.
  • Recall / replacement fees paid by your Journal.
  • Proxy account for Journals.
  • Citation verifications part of ILL processing; can accommodate most poor or scant citations.
  • You may submit an ILL without having to first check WRLC libraries' holdings.
  • Loan period may be shorter than borrowing via CLS.
  • One renewal only, if permitted at all. Renewal period can be shorter than initial loan period.
  • Turnaround time for books coming from outside local area is 5-7 working days.