Source Collection Information for Journal Staff

A manual to assist a Journal Staff start a source collection assignment.

Borrowing Law Library, Local Academic Libraries & ILL Books: A Comparison

These policies apply to you, an individual Law Library patron, borrowing library books under your own name.

  Law Library Local Academic Libraries (incl. main campus) ILL (from libraries outside our region)
Loan Period 6 weeks. 6 weeks Varies by lender.
Renewable? Yes, unless recalled. Three renewals. Yes, unless recalled. Three renewals. Varies by lender. No, if recalled. One renwal.
Daily Late or Recall Fines? Yes!* No. No.
Replacement Fines? Yes!* Yes!* Yes!* But paid by Journal if book is for cite checking use.
Fines Payable At / To: GULC Student Account. Varies. Paid by Journal to Lending Library.
Privileges Suspended For: Excessive fines Excessive fines Overdue loans or poor borrowing record
Turnaround Time? Hold for Pickup service: 1-2 working days. Request from a local academic library service: 3-4 working days Books: 3-5 working days. Copies: 1-3 days.
Journal Proxy Account? Library shelves for Journals. No. Yes.
Contact for Problems / Questions Circulation Desk, Circulation Desk, Interlibrary Loan,

*Amount & timing of fines vary. Contact respective library service for more information.

Local Academic Loan & ILL Services: What Service to Use When, Advantages & Disadvantages: A Comparison

Service When to Use Advantages But
Local Academic Libraries Loan (incl. main campus)
  • If your editor lets you check out books in your own name. If not, use ILL service & your Journal's ILLiad account.
  • On-Site Checkouts: You have privilege to visit a local academic main library library & check out a book for immediate needs. (On-site checkout privilege does not extend to local law libraries.)
  • There are no journal office patron accounts at local academic libraries.
  • Paying for replacement of lost or unreturned books checked out in your name could be your responsibility. Ask you editor.
  • Local academic law libraries do not participate in direct loans. Use ILL instead.
Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
  • Regardless if your editor wants you to use a journal account, or allows you to use your own ILLiad account.
  • To borrow most types of print publications not readily available or accessible at Law Library or local academic (non-law) libraries, or titles carried exclusively by the local law libraries.
  • To obtain copies of articles, news articles, book chapter, pages or sections out of larger works not readily available or accessible at Law Library.
  • Recall / replacement fees paid by your Journal.
  • Proxy account for Journals.
  • Citation verification is part of ILL processing; can accommodate most poor or scant citations.
  • This is the only service where you or your journal can borrow books held exclusively by the local law libraries.
  • Loan period may be shorter than borrowing via local academic loan service.
  • One renewal only, if permitted at all. Renewal period can be shorter than initial loan period.
  • Turnaround time for books coming from outside local area is 5-7 working days.