Source Collection Information for Journal Staff

A manual to assist a Journal Staff start a source collection assignment.

Print Registers & Regulations

Check the Law Library's U.S. Primary Sources & Topical Reporters Guide to find access options for print formats and online versions.

Federal Register (Fed. Reg.)

Print Equivalent in PDF
In Microform
  • Law Library Call Number: Media 1st Floor Microfilm, Row B, Cabinets 14-15 (1936 - 1975)
  • Law Library Call Number: Media 1st Floor Microfiche, Row B, Cabinets 14-15 (1976 - 2004)

Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.)

Print Equivalent in PDF
In Print
  • Law Library Call Number: Reading Room KF70 .A3 Title# (current edition)
In Microfiche
  • Law Library Call Number: Media 1st Floor, Microfiche Row B, Cabinets 12-13 (1938 - 2004)

Interlibrary Loan: Federal Register & Code of Federal Regulations

There should be enough PDF and print collection options available at the Law Library that an ILL request for a Fed. Reg. or C.F.R. citation would not be necessary. Please contact your Reference Services should you need more help.

State Registers and State Codes of Regulations

Check the Regulations & Agencies page within an individual State Research Guide to learn what local DC options may be available.

A few states have ceased their print register and/or code of regulations. Many law libraries have ceased collecting their state register and code of regulations in print.

Interlibrary Loan: State Registers and State Codes of Regulations

An ILL service is not the most suitable method to obtain scans out of a state's print register or code of regulations due to the limited number of libraries that continue to carry a particular state's register or administrative code in print, and problems stemming from incomplete collections and retention policies. Your Journal should consider using the online versions available on official state web sites, or through the Law Library's legal databases. If your Journal must obtain a copy from the print, then please consider visiting the Library of Congress. Check the Regulations & Agencies page within the individual State Research Guide to identify the Library of Congress' catalog record before visiting that library.

Need More Help?

Ask for assistance from Reference Services or your Journal Liaison.

Need Help Submitting an ILL Request?

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