Source Collection Information for Journal Staff

A manual to assist a Journal Staff start a source collection assignment.

Starting with a Citation

Decoding Abbreviations

To decipher an abbreviation for a publication, these resources may help.

The Bluebook, Call Number: Stacks & Reserve KF245 .U5 2015 Check Tables section for abbreviations to U.S. and foreign legal publications. Currently, The Bluebook's online version is not available to Law Center patrons.
Baby Blue's Manual of Legal Citation (Public.Resource.Org, 2016) Starting with Table 3, the website provides abbreviations. But abbreviations for publications are included through the web publication. Please note that this website is not the formally published version of The Bluebook.
Legal-Abbreviations. org A free web resource for common legal abbreviations.
Index to Legal Citations and Abbreviations (2013), Call Number: Reference K85 .R3 2013 Helpful for U.K. legal authorities.
Guide to Foreign and International Legal Citations (2009), Call Number: Reference K89 .G85 2009  
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Legal Citation Guides (Other Than The Bluebook)

There are citation style manuals other than The Bluebook that may be used by your citing authors. Use these manuals to familiarize yourself with citation styles that are different than The Bluebook, or to help you construct a citation that is not covered by The Bluebook.

Understanding Acronyms

Deciphering an acronym may help you understand what organization published the document and the legal subject of the document. Use these resources to help.

Missing or Poor Citation Information?

Unsure What Kind of Citation You Have?

Ask for assistance from Reference Services or your Journal Liaison to help you interpret a difficult citation, identify missing citation information, find the source for a given quotation, etc.

Need More Help?

Ask for assistance from Reference Services or your Journal Liaison.