Source Collection Information for Journal Staff

A manual to assist a Journal Staff start a source collection assignment.

Print Congressional Documents

Print Equivalent in PDF
  • Proquest Congressional: Single, comprehensive source for congressional documents, in PDF, related to legislative history, including bills, vote reports, committee prints, congressional record (bound and daily edition), house & senate committee hearings and house, senate & conference documents and reports.
Congressional Bills, Resolutions and Laws
House and Senate Committee Hearings
  • Print: Search for the Hearing Title in the Law Library catalog.
  • Microform: Law Library Call Number: Media Room 1st Floor, Cabinets A4-A7, B3-B11 (approx. 1833 - 2004)
House, Senate and Conference Reports

Interlibrary Loan: Congressional Documents

There should be enough PDF and print options available at the Law Library that an ILL request for most congressional documents would not be necessary. But for the few occasions where print versions are not readily available at the Law Library, submit an ILLiad Loan Request request form.

Law Library Research Guide

Legislative History Resources Quick Reference Chart identifies the resources that provide access to bills, hearing, committee reports and congressional debates.

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