International Investment Law Research Guide

This guide features resources on international investment law, in general, and investor-state arbitration, in particular.

Analytical Tools for Researching Arbitral Awards & Decisions

The subscription-based resources described below offer the most sophisticated analytical tools for researching arbitral awards and decisions issued in investor-state disputes.

Investor-State Law Guide (ISLG)
In addition to its database of investor-state dispute documents, ISLG offers the following analytical tools:

  • Subject Navigator - Use this tool to search or browse for arbitral awards and decisions by topic.
  • Article Citator  - Use this tool to determine how arbitral tribunals have interpreted specific provisions from hundreds of bilateral investment treaties, free trade agreements, and arbitration rules.
  • Jurisprudence Citator  - Use this tool to determine whether an arbitral award or decision has been cited and/or followed by tribunals in subsequent investor-state disputes.

To access Video Tutorials that explain how to use the analytical tools described above, click on the "Knowledge Centre" link in the upper right-hand corner of the ISLG homepage.  Or visit the ISLG YouTube channel.

Jus Mundi
When you open the full text of an arbtral award or decision or award on Jus Muni, look for a hyperlink in the right-hand panel indicating the number of subsequent arbitral panels that have cited the award or decision.

After you click on the link and the page has refreshed, use the "Whole Document" menu to pinpoint which paragraphs of the award or decision have been cited by one or more subsequent arbitral panels.  The number to the right of the paragraph number corresponds to the number of subsequent citing decisions.  Click on the paragraph number to view the full text of each subsequent citing decision.

For further guidance, consult Jus Mundi's Video Tutorials.  Note:  Academic subscribers to Just Mundi do not have access to the Arbitratro/Counsel/Expert Directory or to the Conflicts Checker.