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International Investment Law Research Guide

This guide features resources on international investment law, in general, and investor-state arbitration, in particular.

Electronic Sources for Arbitral Awards & Court Decisions

Free Electronic Sources

  • ICSID Case Law Database
    This database is limited to arbitrations administered by ICSID. If you know the ICSID case number, enter it in the appropriate search box. If you don't know the case number, search by the name or nationality of the claimant or the respondent. Use the filters on the left to refine your search.  In addition, note the following:

    • When viewing case details, click on the "Materials" tab to access decisions and awards in PDF format..
    • Decisions are provided in their original language and may not be available in English translation..
    • Citations to decisions and awards that have been published in print also are provided. 
    • Click on the "Procedural Details" tab to view a chronological history of the proceedings.
  • Investment Dispute Settlement Navigator
    The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) maintains this free online database, which offers the most comprehensive collection of known investor-state arbitrations.  Browse chronologically by case (the default setting) or use the menu near the top of the page to browse by country, by treaty, by arbitral institution or by other criteria.  Alternatively, search by case name or case number. 

    For each case, the Investment Dispute Settlements Navigator provides the year it was initiated, the investment treaty under which it was brought, the arbitral rules to adjudicate the claim, a brief summary of the issues, and a brief summary of the outcome.  Click on the case name to access additional information, including links to the full texts of arbitral decisions (often, but not always, provided) and the composition of the arbitral panel.  Scroll all the way down to "Links to Background Sources" for related documentation.  (Note that some links re-direct to subscription-based platforms.)
  • italaw
    This free database, maintained by Professor Andrew Newcombe of the University of Victoria, British Colombia, includes not just publicly disclosed arbitral decisions and awards and court decisions concerning the enforcement of awards, but also party pleadings, legal memoranda, and amicus and third-party briefs.  Search by keyword or browse by party, type of proceeding or legal instrument.  Coverage is best for newer cases adjudicated within the last five to ten years.
  • NAFTA Claims
    This free database includes decisions, orders, and awards issued by tribunals established under Chapter 11 of the North American Free Trade Agreement to resolve investor-state disputes. Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and click on the appropriate icon to access all publicly available documentation concerning investor claims filed against Canada, Mexico, and the United States, as well as the original NAFTA Chapter 11 negotiating texts. Content is organized alphabetically by claimant name and can be downloaded in PDF format.  No new content has been added since 2013, but it remains a good source for older decisions.
  • Government Websites for NAFTA Chapter 11 Disputes.
    In addition, both the U.S. State Department and Canada's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development maintain free websites from which users can obtain information about the investment dispute resolution mechanisms set forth in Chapter 11 of NAFTA and access decisions, awards, and other documentation related to arbitrations conducted pursuant to Chapter 11.  As with the NAFTA Claims database, content is organized by the country against which a claim was filed and alphabetically by claimant name.

Subscription Electronic Sources

  • Investment Claims
    To search for arbitral decisions and awards by party name, open the Advanced Search template by clicking on the link below the basic search box.  Select "Investor/Party" as the search field from the menu. Specify the state party, if desired, and select "Arbitral Cases" as the Content Type.  Each decision is preceded by a headnote that identifies the parties, the arbitrators, the attorneys of record, and the subjects covered by the decision.  All decisions may be downloaded in PDF format.
  • Investor-State Law Guide (ISLG)
    The ISLG's documents database includes arbitral decisions and awards, party pleadings, amicus briefs, and procedural orders.  To access this content, click on the "Dispute Documents" tab at the top of the homepage.  On the following page, enter the name of the claimant in the search box.  Use the filters below to limit by investment treaty, respondent state, arbitration rules, document language, and document category.  Documents may be downloaded in PDF format.

    ICC Dispute Resolution Library (shared user name and password)* 
    This International Chamber of Commerce database includes extracts from selected arbitral awards issued in proceedings administered by the ICC's International Court of Arbitration from 1990 onward.  Most awards involve disputes between private parties, but some awards entered in investor-state disputes also are included.  Descriptions of the parties are provided, but party names are omitted.  Click on "Awards" to browse by subject or on "Bulletins" to browse chronologically.  Or search by keyword.
  • Kluwer Arbitration
    To search for arbitral awards and court decisions, click on the white triangle to the left of the search box to display the pre-search filters.  Select "Awards" or "Court Decisions" as the Content Type.  Use the Jurisdiction menu to limit searches to a particular country.  Click on the Advanced Options link to access additional filters, including Time Period (date), Party, and Organization (arbitral institution). 
  • Transnational Dispute Management (TDM)
    To access arbitral awards and court decisions, click on the "Legal and Regulatory Docs" tab on the main menu.  On the following page, click on the "Search" button.  Then scroll down to access the Advanced Search template. Select "Investment Arbitration Awards" or "Cases" as the Category.  Enter party names or other search terms in the search boxes.  Searches may be limited by date and by country.
  • Westlaw  Westlaw offers the following resources:
    • International Arbitration Awards 
      This database includes awards issued in investor-state arbitrations administered by ICSID and by other arbitral institutions.  Coverage is selective, and the dates of coverage vary by arbitral institution.
    • International Arbitration Cases
      This database has court decisions from the following jurisdictions:  the European Union, Hong Kong, the U.K., and the U.S.

* To access the shared user name and password, click on the link to open the library catalog record.  Then click on "ICC Dispute Resolution Library" under the heading "View Online."  Enter your GULC Net ID and password.  After the page refreshes, you will see a link to the database, along with the shared user name and password.  Please log out when finished.