International Investment Law Research Guide

This guide features resources on international investment law, in general, and investor-state arbitration, in particular.

Treaties & International Agreements

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The ICSID Convention

The 1965 Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes Between States and Nationals of Other States, usually referred to as the ICSID Convention, facilitates the resolution of disputes between sovereign states and foreign investors by means of conciliation and arbitration, rather than litigation in national courts.

To accomplish this goal, the Convention established an arbitral institution known as the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).  State parties to the ICSID Convention are obligated to recognize and enforce arbitral decisions and awards issued in proceedings administered by ICSID, even if they are not parties to the underlying dispute. 

The ICSID Convention website is the best source of information about the convention.  From it you can access: