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International Trade Law Research Guide

This guide features resources on international trade law.

Status of Disputed Cases & Dispute-Related Documents

Free WTO Finding Aids

The WTO provides the following online tools for identifying disputed cases and locating dispute-related documents:

  • Search Template
    Search for disputed cases by date, by WTO member state, by WTO agreement, and by subject.
  • Chronological List
    Disputed cases are listed in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent.
  • Short Title List
    Disputed cases are arranged alphabetically by their short title, which includes the names of the respondent country and a brief description of the subject matter of the dispute.
  • Country Name List
    Disputed cases are arranged alphabetically by WTO member state.  For each member state, cases are grouped according to whether the member state is a complainant, a respondent or a third party.
  • Mapping Tool
    Click on a WTO member state for a visual display of disputes in which the member state is (or was) a complainant or a respondent.  Alternatively, select a member state from the drop-down menu.

Status of Pending Disputes

Use the following resources to determine the current status of a dispute:

  • Free WTO Status Checking Tool
    Search for disputed cases by WTO member state and role (complainant, respondent or third party).  Or search chronologically for developments occurring with a specified time span, ranging from the past 10 days to the past 5 years.  Alternatively, scroll down to browse disputed cases by status, ranging from "In Consultations" to "Settled or Terminated".
  • TradeLawGuide
    Click on the "Jurisprudence Pending" tab on the blue menu bar near the top of the homepage.  Pending disputes may be browsed alphabetically by dispute name, chronologically by dispute number, by category or by WTO agreement/provision.

Dispute-Related Documents

Use the following resources to access procedural documents from WTO disputes, including requests for consultations, requests for the establishment of a dispute resolution panel, extensions of time limits, status reports, notices of appeal, and more.

  • WTO Dispute Documents Database
    The search template allows you to filter by document type, year of issue, dispute number, WTO agreement cited, subject matter, and WTO member state.  You may also conduct a full-text search by keyword.  Documents are available for download in PDF format.  In addition to procedural documents, the WTO's database includes panel and Appellate Body reports, as well as arbitration decisions and awards.
  • TradeLawGuide
    Click on the "Dispute Documents" tab on the main menu bar near the top of the homepage.  On the following page, select the desired document type from the menu.  Then apply the desired filters.  Documents may be downloaded in PDF format.
  • Westlaw WTO & GATT Panel Decisions (WTO-DEC)
    This Westaw database includes selected procedural documents from WTO and GATT disputes, along with the full texts of reports issued by WTO dispute settlement panels (1995-present) and by GATT dispute settlement panels (1948-1994).