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International Trade Law Research Guide

This guide features resources on international trade law.

Getting Started with Secondary Sources

If you are new to international trade law, or are unfamiliar with a particular aspect thereof, start your research with a secondary source.  In addition to providing background information, analysis, and commentary, secondary sources can help you to identify relevant primary law materials, including trade agreements and dispute settlement case law.

Introductory Resources

In-Depth Resources: Treatises & Practice Guides

Find More Books on International Trade Law

The Georgetown Law Library maintains an extensive collection of books and other materials on international trade law.  To locate these materials, search GULLiver, the Law Library's online catalog, by keyword or by title.  Or search by subject using one of the following subject headings:

For a more precise search, use the Advanced Search template and search for a subject heading in combination with one or more keywords. 

Feel free to browse for additional materials on the third floor of the Wolff Library in these call number ranges K3842 to K3843, K3943 to K3973, and K4600 to K4640.