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Human Rights Law Research Guide

This guide will lead researchers through primary materials and introduce important secondary sources. While general human rights sources are covered in the guide, special attention is paid to resources that specifically address international women's human

Periodical Literature

Periodical literature is a good way to obtain background information, locate the text of a foreign law, a citation, or locate information about a subject. Westlaw and Lexis provide excellent coverage of U.S. law reviews, but you should consider expanding your journal research to foreign journals and indexes for more comprehensive and global coverage. For information on other journal databases, see ourUsing Articles for Legal and Non-Legal Research for a complete list.

The databases listed below provide full text articles from legal and social science journals. Human Rights is an interdisciplinary topic and you may need to consult international relations, sociology, and other non-law topics during your research. We recommend that you use the advanced search feature.

  • Cambridge University Press (Georgetown only)
    Full text access to journals published by Cambridge University Press. Search by title, abstract, or by full text. You can also limit by journal title or subject. Some relevant subjects besides law include African studies, history, Latin American studies and history.
  • Oxford University Press (Georgetown only)
    Online access to journals covering legal, regional affairs, social sciences, and other subjects. Search by title, abstract, or by full text. You can also limit by journal title or subject.
  • Kluwer Law International Journals (Georgetown only)
    Also known as KLI Journals Online. Georgetown has electronic access to those Kluwer Law International Journals (KLI Journals Online) that we subscribe to in print and that are available on the web. NOTE: The Library does not subscribe to all titles that are listed on the Kluwer web site.

To obtain the best comprehensive results, use periodical indexes to locate relevant citations. As an index, there will be no full text. To locate the full text, search for the title of the journal in ouronline catalog. Below are listed a few of the most commonly used journal indexes.

  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (Georgetown only)
    This is an index of foreign law reviews many of which may not be in English. Searching, citations, and index terms are in English. This is one of the few ways to electronically search foreign law journals.
  • Legal Periodicals and Books (Georgetown only)
    This resource is a comprehensive index of mainly U.S. law reviews, bar journals, and more from 1981 to the present. For historical research, search the Legal Periodicals Retrospective (be sure to "check" the retro box) which covers the years 1918-1981.
  • Legal Journals Index (Georgetown only)
    This is part of Current Legal Information and provides citations from 320 British and European periodicals in the legal and financial areas.

Current Awareness Tools

In addition to keeping you up-to-date with what is going on in international human rights law, current awareness tools are helpful for identifying paper topics.

  • Amnesty International USA Blog
    The US branch on Amnesty International runs an active blog that discusses human rights issues around the world.
  • Human Rights: The World Affairs Blog Network
    This is part of the Foreign Affairs Blogs with many contributors from academia, journalism, business and other sectors.
  • Jurist
    This legal news and real-time legal research web site maintained at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, provides excellent current awareness pages on various topics in human rights such as Human Rights, European Court of Human Rights, Torture, etc.