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Human Rights Law Research Guide

This guide will lead researchers through primary materials and introduce important secondary sources. While general human rights sources are covered in the guide, special attention is paid to resources that specifically address international women's human

Secondary Sources: Journal Articles

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When researching human rights law, journal articles can be an excellent source for learning about narrower, more specialized topics.  Articles published in law journals typically include extensive footnotes with citations, which will help you to locate relevant primary law sources, as well as additional secondary sources.

Finding Articles Published in U.S. Law Journals

Many U.S. law journals publish articles on human rights topics.  Two types of tools for locating law journal articles are described below.

  • Journal Indexes include bibliographic information about an article, such as the title, the name of the author, and the name of the journal, as well as one or more subject descriptors.  Searching in a journal index usually yields more relevant articles because the searches are run only on the bibliographic data and the subject descriptors.  Frequently used indexes for U.S. law journals include:
  • Full-Text Journal Databases allow you to search by keyword within the entire text of an article.  Most of them also include some bibliographic information.  It is easier to run searches in full-text databases, but they tend to retrieve more irrelevant articles than journal indexes do.  The following research platforms include full-text law journal databases:

For more information on how to use indexes and full-text databases for journal article research, consult the following library research guide:  Articles for Legal and Non-Legal Research.

Finding Articles in Law Journals Published Outside the U.S.

Depending on the topic, it may be helpful to broaden your search to include articles published in non-U.S. law journals.  The journal indexes and databases described below focus primarily on law journals published outside the United States.

  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
    Coverage includes leading law journals published in languages other than English, as well as English language law journals published outside the U.S.  For more information and search tips, consult the Quick Reference Guide.
  • Legal Journals Index (LJI).  LJI is a Westlaw database that focuses primarily on U.K.-based journals but also includes citations to articles from English language journals published elsewhere in Europe.  Bear in mind that many of the articles indexed in LJI are not available in full text on Westlaw.
  • Cambridge Core
    This full-text database provides access to all types of content, including journal articles, published by Cambridge University Press.  After running a search, use the filters on the left to limit by content type, subject, journal name, and date.  To limit searches to law content, click on "Browse by Subject" and then select "Law" as the subject.
  • Oxford Academic Journals Online
    Full-text database for journals published by Oxford University Press.  After running a search, use the filters on the left to limit by article type, subject, journal name, and date.

How to Retrieve an Article If You Already Have a Citation

If you already have a citation to an article and want to know if the Law Library has the article in print or electronic format, search the library's online catalog by title (not by keyword) for the name of the journal. The search results will display the Law Library's print and electronic holdings, along with the dates of coverage. 

Alternatively, you may enter the title of the journal in the E-Journal Finder to determine if the journal is available in electronic format from any of the libraries at Georgetown University.  If the article you are seeking is not available print or electronic format from any Georgetown University library, you may request a copy of the article via interlibrary loan.

Selected Law Journals That Focus on Human Rights

Listed below is a selection of law journals that focus exclusively on human rights issues.

  • African Human Rights Law Journal
    • Print:  Call No. K1 .F25 (2001-present; current issues on reserve).
    • Electronic:  HeinOnline (2001-present).
  • Asian-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law
    • Print:  Call No. K1 .5739 (2001-2008)
    • Electronic:  HeinOnline (2000- ; 2-year embargo on full text)
  • Canadian Journal of Human Rights
  • Columbia Human Rights Law Review (formerly Columbia Survey of Human Rights Law, 1967-1971)
  • Harvard Human Rights Journal (formerly Harvard Human Rights Yearbook, 1988-1989)
  • Human Rights
  • Human Rights Defender
  • Human Rights Law Review
    • Print:  Call No. K8 .U455 (2001-2009)
    • Electronic:  HeinOnline (2001- ; 4-year embargo on full text)
  • Human Rights Quarterly (formerly Universal Human Rights)
    • Print:  Call No. K8 .U465 (1981-present; current issues on reserve)
    • Electronic:  Multiple Platforms (dates of coverage vary by platform)
  • Inter-American and European Human Rights Journal
    • Electronic:  HeinOnline (2008- ; 2-year embargo on full text)
  • Intercultural Human Rights Law Review
  • International Human Rights Law Review
  • Journal of Human Rights and the Environment
  • Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights
    • Print:  Call No. K14 E.285 (1988-2016)
    • Electronic:  HeinOnline (1988- ; 4-year embargo on full text)
  • Northwestern Journal of Human Rights (formerly Northwestern University Journal of International Human Rights, 2003-2015)
  • Security and Human Rights (formerly Helsinki Watch)
    • Print:  Call No. K8 .E95 (1992-2007)
    • Electronic:  HeinOnline (1990- ; 2-year embargo on full text)
  • South Africa Journal on Human Rights
  • Sur:  International Journal on Human Rights
  • Transnational Human Rights Review
  • Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal