International and Foreign Cyberspace Law Research Guide

This guide covers resources on various aspects of cyberspace law, including Internet governance, electronic commerce, privacy, cyber crime, cyber warfare, and cyber terrorism.

Getting Started with Secondary Sources

If you are new to international cyberspace law, or are unfamiliar with a particular aspect thereof, start your research with a secondary source. In addition to providing background information, analysis, and commentary, secondary sources can help you to identify relevant primary law materials, such as treaties, national legislation, and case law.

The right-hand column on this page includes a selection of basic introductory resources. The center section covers resources that offer a broad overview of commercial, legal, or security aspects of international cyberspace law.

Note that the sections of this guide on Internet GovernanceElectronic CommerceData Protection & PrivacyCyber Crime, and Cyber Warfare & Terrorism all include their own pages listing secondary sources suitable for researching those topics.

General Introductions

Journals Focusing on Technology-Related Topics

Journal articles can be an excellent source for researching narrower, more specialized legal topics. Articles published in law journals include extensive footnotes with citations to primary and secondary sources that are relevant to the topic. In addition to searching in journal indexes and full-text databases, consider searching in journals that specialize in topics related to cyberspace law. A selection of such journals appears below. For more information about searching for articles generally, see our guide to Articles for Legal and Non-Legal Research.

  • Berkeley Technology Law Journal
    Available in print (1996–2010) and online (1996–present).
  • European Journal of Law & Technology
    Available online (2010–present) (formerly published as The Journal of Information, Law & Technology, available online (1996–2009)).
  • Federal Communications Law Journal 
    Available in print (1977–present) and online (1977–present).
  • Georgetown Law Technology Review
    Available online (2016–present).
  • Global Review of Cyberlaw
    Available in print (2001–present).
  • Harvard Journal of Law & Technology
    Available in print (1988–2010) and online (1988–present).
  • Information & Communications Technology Law
    Available in print (1996–2009) and online (1996–present).
  • The John Marshall Journal of Information Technology & Privacy Law
    Available in print (1993–2013) and online (1993–present).
  • Journal of Technology Law & Policy
    Available in print (2003–2010) and online (1996–present).
  • Michigan Telecommunications & Technology Law Review
    Available in print (1994–2010) and online (1994–present).
  • Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology
    Available in print (2004–2009) and online (2004–present).
  • Santa Clara Computer and High-Technology Law Journal
    Available in print (1985–2008) and online (1985–present).
  • Stanford Technology Law Review
    Available online (1997–present).
  • Tulane Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property
    Available in print (2001–2007) and online (1999–present).