International and Foreign Cyberspace Law Research Guide

This guide covers resources on various aspects of cyberspace law, including Internet governance, electronic commerce, privacy, cyber crime, cyber warfare, and cyber terrorism.


This research guide focuses on laws that regulate information technology at the international level and in jurisdictions outside the United States. It also covers legal issues that arise in connection with the use of information technology across national boundaries. In addition to identifying resources that provide an introduction to this wide-ranging subject matter, the guide also covers five narrower, but interrelated topics: 

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Key Resources for International Cyberspace Research

  • Bloomberg Law: Privacy & Data Security Practice Center
    Includes primary law from 65 national and sub-national jurisdictions, including some in English translation; summaries of primary law by subject; treatises and other secondary sources; and news and current awareness tools.
  • VitalLaw: Cybersecurity & Privacy
    Includes primary law from the U.S. and the E.U.; practice guides, treatises, and other secondary sources; and news and current awareness tools.
  • International Encyclopaedia of Laws: Cyber Law Online
    Provides detailed summaries of national laws governing information technology, e-commerce, online privacy, and computer-related crime in 38 jurisdictions, with citations to primary law.
  • PLI Plus: Cybersecurity and Data Protection
    This from the Practising Law Institute shows treatises, guidebooks, forms, checklists, and CLE programming on cybersecurity, data protection, and related information technology issues. The focus is primarily on U.S. law, with more limited coverage of the law in other jurisdictions.

Int’l Cyberspace Law

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