Researching the U.S. Court of International Trade

This guide identifies case law access points and legislation and rules relating to the United States Court of International Trade (USCIT), a U.S. federal court.


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Georgetown Journal of International Law

The Georgetown University Law Center's Georgetown Journal of International Law (GJIL) has been selected by the USCIT as the first law journal to publish an annual review of its work.

The first issue of each GJIL volume is entitled International Trade Review and provides an independent critique and analysis of the work of the USCIT. It draws articles, essays, notes, and case commentaries from practitioners, academics, and students from all over the world. These scholarly pieces are selected by the editors of GJIL based on their relevance to important issues recently before the USCIT, and trends in the decisions of the USCIT and their review by the Federal Circuit.

Visit the GJIL website for more information and to view or download past issues in PDF. For GJIL issues and articles through other online services or in print at the Library, check the library catalog.

Library Resources

The following search terms are useful when searching the library catalog, databases and other online sources: United States Court of International Trade, USCIT, United States Customs Court.

Use the following subject headings to locate relevant materials in library catalogs:

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