Researching the U.S. Court of International Trade

This guide identifies case law access points and legislation and rules relating to the United States Court of International Trade (USCIT), a U.S. federal court.


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Background Legislation


Several provisions of the United States Code (USC) pertain to the USCIT. These are found in Title 28 of the USC and deal with the organization, jurisdiction and procedures of the USCIT. These provisions are available through GPO Access

Legislative History of the Customs Courts Act of 1980

As mentioned above, the USCIT was established by the Customs Courts Act of 1980 (Pub. L. No. 96-417, 94 Stat. 1727.) The library has several resources that can compile a legislative history including all of the debates, hearings, and House and Senate reports associated with the Customs Courts Act of 1980.  In both ProQuest Congressional and ProQuest Legislative Insight you can "Search by Number" and use the act's Public Law number to find the associated documents in full-text PDF.

For research assistance in locating the full text of individual documents from the legislative history of the Customs Courts Act of 1980, please refer to the Library's Legislative History Research Guide or contact a reference librarian for assistance.