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Health Law Research Guide

This in-depth guide on health law research provides access to legal and public policy resources on various aspects of health law.


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Secondary Sources


These are books in which an expert author (or several) seeks to give an overview of the topic. Treatises are a good place to start to get background information and find references to primary sources.

  • Fundamentals of Health Law KF3821 .H37 2008
    An introduction to the basic issues of health law from the American Health Lawyers Association.
  • Health Law KF3821 .H4343 2000
    One volume hornbook summarizing basic principles of health law from regulation of health care institutions to end-of-life decisions. Also available as an expanded, two-volume practitioner treatise KF3821 .H434 2000.
  • Healthcare Law and Ethics in a Nutshell KF3821 Z9 H35
    A very basic overview of the field of health care law.
  • Problems in Health Care Law KF3825 .M53 2006
    An overview of the health care system covering health care financing, liability, health care resources, and issues surrounding reproduction and death.
  • Treatise on Health Care Law Print: KF3821 .T74 1991, no longer updated in print; Electronic:LexisNexis
    Four volume comprehensive, definitive treatise on a range of health care law issues.
  • Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration KF3821 .P69
    Although designed primarily as a handbook for healthcare administrators, this work offers lawyers a useful overview of the various areas of law which are important in counseling healthcare administrators, including torts, civil procedure, professional and corporate liability issues, consent, and AIDS. This book can provide lawyers with background on the complexities of health care administration and the responsibilities of healthcare professionals.


A casebook is a textbook for a law school course. It often contains extensive excerpts from important cases, relevant statutes, journal articles, and other secondary sources as well as commentary from the casebook author. For research purposes, a casebook can be used to get a general overview of the law and a sense of the most important issues in the field. To build on information located in a casebook, use a citator (Shepard's on LexisNexis or KeyCite on Westlaw) or search for other books or articles written by excerpted authors.

  • American Health Law (KF3821 A7 A46 1990)
    Covers access, health care financing, medical technology, quality of care, patients' rights, medical personnel, organ transplants, and reproductive health services.
  • Law, Science and Medicine (KF3821. A7 L39 2005)
    Casebook which also covers science and technology issues.
  • Health Law: Cases, Materials and Problems (KF3821.A7 H43 2008)
    Lengthy casebook divided into five major sections: introduction to the health system, how law helps promote quality care, access and costs, law and health care organizations, and human rights in the health system.
  • The Law of Health Care Organization and Finance (KF3821.A7 L385 2008)
    Casebook focusing on health administration issues.
  • Law of Health Care Finance and Regulation (KF3825.A7 H35 2005)
    Covers institutional liability, health care financing and reform, and regulation of health care facilities and transactions.
  • Health Care Law and Policy (KF3821. A7 H38 1998)
    Casebook focusing on policy issues.
  • Law and the American Health Care System (KF3821. A7 R67 1997)
    Covers access, financing and organization, quality of care, long term care, HIV, and reproductive health services.
  • Health Care Law and Ethics (KF3821 .A7 C8 2003)
    Casebook covering topics such as medical malpractice, health care financing and regulation, and public health law.
  • Law, Medicine, and Medical Technology (KF3821.A7 N63 2007)
    Focuses on the regulation of medical technology and is comprised of three parts: government regulation, tort liability, and economics and innovation.

To find other relevant books, search on GULLiver by keyword or by subject heading. See below for a list of relevant subject headings as well as call number ranges in which a number health law materials will be shelved.

News and Current Awareness

These sources are aimed particularly at practicing lawyers who need to have quick access to the current information in a particular area of law. They are released or updated frequently and generally contain primary documents (statutes, regulations, and cases) as well as news, articles, and summaries of recent developments. There are two basic types of looseleaf services: interfiled and newsletter-style. For more information on looseleaf services, see our Using Looseleaf Services Guide.