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Health Law Research Guide

This in-depth guide on health law research provides access to legal and public policy resources on various aspects of health law.

Primary Law Sources

Case Law

Full-text Case Law Databases
The following databases contain health care law-related court opinions.


West Topic and Key Number System and LexisNexis Topics
Case law on health care issues can also be located using the West Topic and Key Number system in Westlaw and in print West Digests and LexisNexis Topics in LexisNexis. For more information on case law research generally and finding case law by topic, see our Case Law Research Tutorial.

Newsletters, Looseleaf Services, and Other Current Awareness Sources
Summaries and analysis of recent case law is often included in newsletters, looseleaf services, and other current awareness sources, such as blogs. See below for more information.




  • Statutes Databases:
  • Fifty State Surveys
    • Major Health Care Policies: Fifty State Profiles Print: RA413.5.U5 H43, 1998-2005; Electronic: Westlaw
      Annual publication providing a state-by-state update on legislation impacting major health care issues, such as Medicaid, long-term care, and public health.
    • State by State Guide to Managed Care Law KF3825 .S72, 1999 -
      Key court decisions, state managed care policies and practices, and codes and regulations regarding managed care organizations.
    • National Survey of State Laws KF386 .N38
      Provides charts containing state laws on variety of topics. Health law topics include abortion, medical records, and the right to die.
    • Subject Compilation of State Laws Print: KF1 .F67, 1960 to present; Electronic:HeinOnline, 1979 to present
      An annotated bibliography listing journal articles or other publications that survey state laws on various topics, including health and medicine.
    • Westlaw: Fifty state surveys on over fifty health topics. The currency varies by topic.


Compiled legislative histories may be available for important federal health-related laws. The following sources will provide information on available compilations:

For more information on researching legislative history, see our extensive Legislative History Research Guide.