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This guide details the library's print and electronic newspaper holdings and identifies major Internet sources of news articles.


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Since the advent of the Internet and the explosion of electronic resources, academic libraries have changed the way they maintain archives of newspapers. The electronic databases have replaced the microfilming process for many newspapers, therefore it is often not possible to retrieve an original newspaper article via Interlibrary Loan and researchers must rely on databases for article access. Even the Bluebook is adjusting to this environment, as Rule 16.5(d) indicates that articles retrieved via commercial electronic databases can be cited using Rule 18.1.4.

The library has access to almost all major U.S. newspapers, many international news sources and many regional newspapers through its many database subscriptions. If you search for the title of a specific newspaper in the library catalog, you will be directed to the databases which offer online access. We also subscribe to a few newspapers in print. This guide will provide an overview of the library's newspaper holdings and include guidance on major sources for newspaper on the Internet.