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Gender and the Law Research Guide

This guide covers gender and the law, legal feminism and feminist jurisprudence.

Case Law and Legislation

The primary databases at Georgetown for case law and current Federal legislation are Lexis and Westlaw.

Both Westlaw and Lexis collect primary law resources into discrete topic areas, allowing for a more refined search, such as family law, healthcare law, and public health law.  These discrete collections can be found within the "Practice Area" tab. 

To identify resources for state case law and legislation use the Library's state law guides, available here.

ProQuest Congressional and ProQuest Legislative Insight are the Library's primary databases for legislative materials and legislative histories. HeinOnline also provides access to various types of Congressional documents and legislative histories, and it is the primary database for historic legislation.

Specialized Collections

See HeinOnline's Peggy, which provides full-text access of primary law and secondary sources in the multi-disciplinary area of women and the law.

Cornell Law School's Women and Justice Project identifies both domestic and international primary case law in the Women and Justice Collection.


Administrative Law

The annotated Code of Federal Regulations can be found in both Westlaw and Lexis.  Also, see the Library's Administrative Law Research Guide.

HeinOnline provides access to various U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals.


Casebooks provide a broad overview of a subject and typically include the cannon cases in the subject area.

Cases and Materials on Feminist Jurisprudence: Taking Women Seriously by Mary Becker, et al. 

Feminist Jurisprudence: Cases and Materials by Cynthia Grant Bowman, et al.

Gender and the Law: Theory, Doctrine, Commentary by Katharine T. Bartlett, et al.

Sexual Orientation and the Law by Karen Moulding.

Sexuality Law by Arthur S. Leonard and Patricia A. Cain.