CALS Asylum Case Research Guide

How to research asylum cases and track human rights conditions by country.

Getting Started

Here are a few things to remember before jumping in as you locate legal and factual information in various countries.

  • Time period.  Databases and websites only cover specific years.  Check coverage dates.
  • Download & Print.  Links go bad and things disappear.  No guarantee the material or website will be there tomorrow.
  • Quality.  Consider objectivity, expediency, timeliness, accuracy, authenticity, and scope when viewing web info.
  • Legal & Non-law.  Consult both!  You will search newspapers, journal articles, directories, yearbooks, etc. Verify spelling (alternate spelling), names, and determine exact names of organizations and political parties.
  • Golden Nugget.  Prepare to trudge through many resources seeking the perfect source.
  • Print Still Lives.  Not everything is electronic.
  • Phone. You may actually have to call someone!


Update History

Updated 1/2024 (MMS)