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Legal History: Crime and Punishment Research Guide

This guide details primary English and American resources on the history of crime and punishment.


Research in the history of crime and punishment requires the use of a variety of sources. Very often, it is necessary to consult sources beyond traditional cases and statutes. For this purpose, there are many finding aids, which can be used to locate pertinent primary materials. Also useful are topical treatises, bibliographies, historical compilations and online Internet sites devoted to the history of a particular subject. These secondary sources often also provide citations to primary and additional secondary sources. There are many, many more sources of information on this topic than can be listed here, so this guide gives only an overview of print, micro-media and some Internet resources available to facilitate research in the history crime and punishment at the Georgetown University Law Center. Call numbers given are specific to the Edward Bennett Williams Library collections and the John Wolff International & Comparative Law Library collections. The designation SPECL indicates the material is in Special Collections, and must be used there. INTL indicates the material is in the Wolff Library. MEDIA indicates the material is in microfilm or microfiche and is located on the first floor of Williams Library. All others are located in the Williams Library.