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Space Law: The Law of Outer Space

This guide provides an introduction to researching the law that governs outer space.

Professional Associations

Listed below are links to the websites of professional associations for legal practitioners working in the field of air and space law.  Most of these organizations offer discounted membership rates for law students.

  • American Bar Association - Forum on Air & Space Law
    In addition to sponsoring an annual conference and continuing education programming, the Forum offers standing committees on space law and on aviation and space finance.  It also publishes the journal Air and Space Lawyer.
  • American Society of International Law - Space Law Interest Group
    This ASIL interest group provides a forum for American scholars, government attorneys, and private practitioners to connect with others working in the field of space law, exchange ideas, and keep up to date on the latest developments.  Video recordings of selected programs sponsored by the Interest Group are free to access.  Other content is only available to members.
  • International Bar Association - Space Law Committee
    The IBA brings together public and private sector attorneys from jurisdictions throughout the world whose practices are international in scope.  It maintains a standing committee for attorneys working in the field of space law.
  • International Law Association - Space Law Committee
    The ILA consists of scholars and legal practitioners interested in advancing the development of international law, both public and private.  For information about the work of the ILA's standing committee on space law, click on the link above and scroll down through the alphabetical list of committees.