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International and Foreign Cyberspace Law Research Guide

This guide covers resources on cyberspace law where issues encompass the Internet, cybercrime, privacy and ecommerce. Cyberspace law can incorporate aspects of comparative, international and foreign law

IGO, NGO & U.S. Government Agency Resources

The IGOs, NGOs, and U.S. government agencies listed below are reliable sources of information about the challenges of combating cyber threats and managing conflicts in cyberspace.

International Organizations

Non-Governmental Organizations

  • International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC)
    The ICRC's website is the best online resource for researching international humanitarian law (IHL).  In addition to its searchable databases of primary law, the website includes the following secondary source content:
    • New Technologies and IHL -- This page aggregates all ICRC content concerning the novel humanitarian and legal challenges posed by emerging technologies, including cyber weapons and cyber warfare.
    • Terrorism and IHL -- This page aggregates all ICRC content on the application of IHL to acts of terrorism.
    • Resource Centre  -- Search by keyword for articles and other ICRC publications.
    • IHL Bibliography -- Every three months, the ICRC compiles a comprehensive list of books and articles published in English and in French on topics related to IHL.  Annual bibliographies also are available for download.
  • The Rand Corporation
    This independent think tank, which is known for the quality and rigor of its work product, is a good source for credible research and informed commentary.  Many of its research reports are available for download in PDF format.

U.S. Government Agencies