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Human Rights Law Research Guide

This guide will lead researchers through primary materials and introduce important secondary sources. While general human rights sources are covered in the guide, special attention is paid to resources that specifically address international women's human

Secondary Sources

The Georgetown Law Library has an extensive collection of materials on international human rights law.  The titles listed below are intended as a starting point.  To locate additional resources, search GULLiver, the Law Library's online catalog, by keyword or by title.  Or search by subject using the Library of Congress subject heading human rights.  To conduct a narrower search, use the Advanced Search template and search for the subject heading human rights in combination with one or more keywords.  For example:  Subject:  human rights AND Any Field (Keyword):  women

  • Encyclopedia of Human Rights INTL REF JC571571.E673 2009  An electronic version also is available.
    The entries in this is five-volume reference provide brief introductions to a wide range of human rights topics.
  • A Handbook of International Human Rights Terminology (2nd edition) INTL REF K3239.3.C66 2004
    A dictionary of useful terms. Also has an appendix of citations for human rights and related instruments.
  • International Human Rights: A Comprehensive Introduction INTL K3240 .H33 2008
    Good introduction to the topic with chapters on the major human rights subjects. Useful inserts of historical events, tables and discussion topics.
  • International Human Rights in a Nutshell (4th ed.) INTL K3240.4.B84 2009
    This book provides a concise introduction to the historical background of international human rights and discusses the major systems (United Nations, European, Inter-American, and African). There are also chapters on the United States and non-governmental organizations.
  • International Human Rights Law: An Introduction INTL K3240 .W45 2007
    There are three parts to this book; overview and history of human rights, summaries of specific rights with treaty and article citations, and a useful introduction to international procedures for the implementation of human rights on the international, regional, and national levels.
  • Lexicon of Human Rights / Les Définitions des Droits de L'Homme INTL K3239.6 .V53 2008
    Contains terms and phrases often mentioned in international human rights laws. Provides definitions and sometimes citations to treaties where the term is defined.
  • Women and International Human Rights Law INTL REF K644.W64 1999
    A three volume set offering background information on human rights topics specific to women. Excellent footnotes for additional follow up.