Company Research Guide

This guide identifies sources for basic business and company information, but not specific resources for broad business disciplines such as accounting, marketing or management.


People seeking legal information often have business needs. Lawyers are frequently called upon to locate non-legal related business information to supplement their traditional legal research. The most common type of business research is finding company information, including locating financial assets, evaluating specific products, and locating investment information. As a student of the Georgetown Law Center you have access to various research databases that can help you with these and other types of business research inquiries.

This guide will not address specific research resources for broad business disciplines such as marketing or management (see other guides listed below for resources in these disciplines). Instead, this guide will show you how to locate general business and company information using Lexis, Westlaw and various other databases available through the Edward Bennett Williams Library and Georgetown's Lauinger Library.

The databases linked on this page are available to current Georgetown Law Library students and faculty.

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