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Art Law Research Guide

This guide provides an introduction to notable resources for conducting art law research available at Georgetown University and online.


This page provides information about a few select sources for researching foreign and international art law. We also have a series of research guides on foreign, international, and comparative law, including on specific topics, countries, or regions, including guides on treaties, U.N. research, and researching foreign (non-U.S.) law generally (e.g. for where a specific country/region is not addressed in its own guide).

Members of the Georgetown community should contact our Foreign & International Librarians for further guidance.

Foreign Laws

Select Art and Cultural Property Law Treaties and Agreements

In addition to the general resources for locating treaties and agreements, the following sources may be useful for obtaining the text of treaties and agreements related to art and cultural property:

Multilateral Treaties

The following is a select list of multilateral treaties related to art and cultural property.  Additional treaties and agreements are listed in Cultural Property: A Legal Research Guide (2012).