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This State Guide provides an in-depth look at sources of law within the District of Columbia.

Compiling a Legislative History

Unlike Federal legislative history documents, D.C. legislative history documents are not widely available. In any version of the D.C. Code, at the end of each code section, there is a citation to the District of Columbia Register for the text of the Act; there is also a legislative history notes section which gives you the Bill, Act, and Law numbers, which are useful for retrieving the full text of the bill and other legislative history documents. The Official Code (and the Westlaw version) also tells you the committee to which the bill was referred.

Compiled Legislative Histories Collection (D.C. Courts Libraries): PDFs not yet available (as of July 2023), but search for the title and email DC Court Libraries' Ask a Librarian to request the file. Collection begins post-Home Rule, with DC Law 1-1.

Legislative History Documents include:

For historical legislation and analysis search for the Making of Modern Law Historical Legislation: District of Columbia collection in our catalog.

More Legislative History Information

In Westlaw, see also state legislative historystatutes annotated - historicalbill trackingbill tracking historical, and proposed & enacted legislation.

In Lexis, full-text bills, advance legislative service, and legislative bill history may be found in Statutes and Legislation. It also offers an Archived Code Search.

In Bloomberg Law, text of enacted legislation may be found through State Laws & Regulations.

LLMC Digital may contain digitized historical senate and house journals as well as historical state statutes and/or session laws (Online Services > Browse Collections > U.S. States and Territories > State Name > Legislative).

State Legislative Sourcebook (in print, Call Number: Reference Desk JK2495 .S689), though ceased in 2021, is a 50-state guide on legislative information resources. In addition to providing the location of a state's legislative documents, it also includes sources for tracking services, document mailing services and best live person initial contact.