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This State Guide provides an in-depth look at sources of law within the state of California.


California codes are arranged in 29 subject categories. California does not publish an official printed code. Commercially published annotated codes are used instead. Both Lexis and West publish annotated codes providing subject arrangement access to the laws of California.

The California statutes are arranged in subject categories and not numerically. The researcher must use the subject category and the section number in order to locate a statute. For example, California's murder statute is located in the Penal Code subject category, sections 187-199 (Cal. Penal Code § 187-199 (2004)) and California's robbery statute would be located in Cal. Penal Code § 211-215 (2004).

Deering's California Code (Cal. Code (Deering))


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Business & Professions: KFC30.5 .D4 B84 Labor: KFC30.5 .D4 L3
Civil: KFC30.5 .D4 C56 Military & Veterans: KFC30.5 .D4 M5
Civil Procedure: KFC30.5 .D4 C58 Penal: KFC30.5 .D4 P45
Corporations: KFC30.5 .D4 C68 Probate: KFC30.5 .D4 P76
Education: KFC30.5 .D4 E4 Public Contract: KFC30.5 .D4 P78
Elections: KFC30.5 .D4 E44 Public Resources: KFC30.5 .D4 P84
Evidence: KFC30.5 .D4 E8 Public Utilities: KFC30.5 .D4 P86
Family: KFC30.5 .D4 F35 Revenue and Taxation: KFC30.5 .D4 R4
Financial: KFC30.5 .D4 F53 Streets & Highways: KFC30.5 .D4 S75
Fish & Game: KFC30.5 .D4 F55 Unemployment: KFC30.5 .D4 U5
Food & Agricultural: KFC30.5 .D4 A37 Uniform Commercial: KFC30.5 .D4 C65
Government: KFC30.5 .D4 G6 Vehicle: KFC30.5 .D4 V4
Harbors & Navigation: KFC30.5 .D4 H37 Water: KFC30.5 .D4 W37
Health & Safety: KFC30.5 .D4 H4 Welfare & Institutions: KFC30.5 .D4 W44
Insurance: KFC30.5 .D4 I57  

West's Annotated California Code (Cal. Code (West))


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Statutory Research Tutorial

Includes videos covering topics "What are Statutes and Where to Find Them," "Anatomy of a Code," "Finding Statutes Online," "Finding Statutes Using Print," and "Updating and Currency."