German Legal Research Guide

This in-depth guide will help researchers navigate the German legal materials.

Getting Started with Secondary Sources

If you are new to German legal research or are unfamiliar with a particular aspect of German law, start your research with a secondary source. In addition to providing background information, explanatory analysis, and commentary, secondary sources will help you to identify codes, statutes, and other primary legal materials that are relevant to your topic.

The Georgetown Law Library’s collection includes secondary sources on German law in English and in German. These materials have call numbers that begin with the letters KK and are shelved on the fourth floor of the Williams Library. Listed below is a selection of introductory sources on German Law. In the column to the right, you will find a selection of subject-specific secondary sources.

Introductory Sources in English

The following English-language resources provide general introductions to German law.

How to Find Books on German Law

To locate books on German law in the Georgetown Law Library’s collection, use the library’s Advanced Search interface and select Law Library Catalog

In the first line, search for Germany in the Subject field. In the second line, enter a keyword or exact phrase. For a broader search, use the default Any field. For a narrower search, select Title as the search field. Use the filters on the right to restrict by date. For example:


Sample search results.

Subject-Specific Secondary Sources

A selection of subject-specific secondary sources on German law follows.