Congressional Investigations Research Guide

This guide introduces the chief sources of information related to Congressional investigations, including impeachments and other notable investigations throughout U.S. history.


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This guide is designed to introduce researchers to the chief primary and secondary sources of information related to Congressional investigations.  It therefore includes information on finding relevant books, articles, and reports as well as locating information on the constitutional basis of the Congressional investigative power, relevant Supreme Court case law, and the Congressional rules & procedure that might be applicable.

While much of this material is contained within the standard sources of legislative history (such as committee hearings and reports), this guide should help researchers navigate these and other documents more efficiently.

While this guide focuses on researching investigations in general, some materials relate to specific impeachments and other notable investigations throughout U.S. history.

Getting Started

The following are some general books, articles, and reports which discuss the law and practice of congressional investigations. They are excellent places to begin, especially if you are new to this topic.  

Additional books, articles, and reports are listed on the next page of this guide.

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