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Congressional Investigations Research Guide

This guide introduces the chief sources of information related to Congressional investigations, including impeachments and other notable investigations throughout U.S. history.


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This page discusses books, journal articles, news articles, and CRS reports which might be useful when researching Congressional investigations. It includes lists of some specific titles and articles that might be of general interest, and also provides guidance on locating additional and more specific materials.  Note also the video tutorials available on the left.

For a list of resources that may be particularly useful if you are new to this topic, see the Getting Started box on the Introduction page of this guide.  You may find the following book in our collection particularly useful as a starting place:

News & Analysis

For news sources containing articles relevant to a particular event or to the circumstances surrounding a particular Congressional investigation, refer to our research guide on finding newspaper articles.  

For authoritative analysis on the major legislation and actions of Congress for each year since 1945, refer to the CQ Almanac, available via the CQ Press Library, which also includes CQ Magazine (a weekly news magazine featuring detailed reporting on public policy, politics, congressional legislation, and elections) back to 1983.  Additional sources for legislative news are available on our Legislative History Research Guide.

Journal Articles

This section lists some significant academic articles written about various aspects of Congressional investigations.  Use our Journal Finder tool to locate these articles electronically; a video tutorial on how to use the Journal Finder tool is available.

Keep in mind that this is only a small number of the articles written on the subject. To find more, try our Policy Research Guide or our Articles Research Guide.

CRS Reports

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is the research and analysis arm of the U.S. Congress. CRS has written several reports that discuss the history, procedures, and legality of various types of Congressional investigations, several of which are listed below.  (Some CRS reports are updated periodically; you may want to check to see if there are more recent versions available.)

The CRS also sometimes writes reports on specific investigations (or on specific oversight activities, etc.). The best way to find those reports is to search the ProQuest Congressional database (we have a ProQuest Congressional video tutorial available); use the "Advanced Search" tool and make sure only the "CRS Reports" box is checked on the left.

As of 2018, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) provides public access to its reports on, though not all reports are available.  Other providers of free online collections of CRS reports include the University of North Texas and the Federation of American Scientists.  CRS Reports are also available at and

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