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South African Legal Research

This is a brief guide to researching South African law.


The library subscribes to many different South African journals and those listed below are just a starting point. You should search our online catalog to locate others.

  • Acta Juridica HeinOnline and INTL K1.C83
    This annual journal is published by the law faculty at the University Of Cape Town.
  • Annual Survey of South African Law
    Organized by subject area, this authoritative annual review surveys the latest trends in South African law. It is an excellent source for identifying relevant statutes and court decisions. It is available on HeinOnline(check for coverage dates) and in the Wolff Library at INTL KTL12 .A56 (print has the most recent years).
  • South African Journal on Human Rights HeinOnline and INTL K23.O6
    This journal has in-depth articles examining many aspects of human right within South Africa.
  • South African Yearbook of International Law  HeinOnline and INTL KZ21.S59
    The focus of this journal is international law and most of the authors are South African. There is a useful list of treaties signed during the year and summaries of important case decisions.