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Scottish Legal History Research Guide

This research guide in Scottish legal history covers the feudal period through 1901.

Governmental Reports

The following are some of the governmental reports prepared on a variety of topics such as the poor laws of Scotland and the state of municipal corporations.

  • Great Britain. Ninth Report of the Commissioners Appointed for Inquiring into the Duties, Salaries, Fees and Emoluments of the Several Officers, Clerks and Ministers of Justice of the Courts of Scotland . London, 1821. KDC935.8.S37 1821 Folio (SPECL)
  • Great Britain. General Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inquire into the State of Municipal Corporations in Scotland. Presented to Both Houses of Parliament by Command of His Majesty.Edinburgh: Adam & Charles Black, 1835. KDC790.G74 1835 Quarto (SPECL)
  • Great Britain. Report of the Commissioners Appointed by his Majesty's Warrant of the 29th of July 1823, for Inquiring into the Forms of Process in the Courts of Law in Scotland and the Course of Appeals from the Court of Session to the House of Lords. London: 1824. KDC842.G74 1824 Folio (SPECL)
  • Great Britain. Report from Her Majesty's Commission for Inquiring into the Administration and Practical Operation of Poor Laws in Scotland. Edinburgh: Murray & Gibb, 1844. KDC670.G74 1844 Folio (SPECL)