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International Anti-Corruption Law Research Guide

This research guide is about international anti-corruption

Newspaper Articles

Newspapers are important for locating current information on corruption law. For an overview and links to newspapers online (and what is available in print) try our Finding Newspaper Articlesguide. Below is an overview of how to locate more newspaper articles on corruption law.

  • Access World News (Georgetown Only)
    This database provides articles from over 700 electronic editions of newspapers from around the world. Coverage varies depending on the jurisdiction.
  • Factiva (Georgetown Only)
    This Dow Jones database provides full text business coverage from 8000 sources in 22 languages from 118 countries. This database can be difficult to search, but it does have good sources especially on specific instances of corruption. This database works best in IE.
  • Lexis (Georgetown Law only)
    There are numerous news sources available from the News & Business tab. Try under both regional and individual jurisdictions. Coverage and news sources vary greatly depending on the region and country. Some of the countries covered are Australia, China, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and South Africa.
  • PressDisplay (Georgetown Only)
    The resources provides online access to today's newspapers from around the world in full-color, full-page format. The materials are only available for the past 60 days. This resource is the fastest (and sometimes the only way) to access current newspapers throughout the world.
  • Westlaw (Georgetown only)
    There are many useful databases for news research. The databases listed below have been very useful, but you should also use the Westlaw Directory > International/Worldwide Materials > select region and then country. There you will find a complete listing of news sources for a particular country.
      This combination of databases includes full-text, English-language articles and sources with news and business information from newspapers, magazines, trade journals, newsletters, and news services. Be sure to specify a date range if needed.