Virginia Resources

This State Guide provides an in-depth look at sources of law in Virginia.

Decisions and Opinions

Some Virginia executive officers and agencies publish their orders and decisions, but most do not.

State Corporation Commission

The State Corporation Commission is an independent agency with regulatory authority over many business and economic interests in Virginia. It has a unique structure in that it is organized as a separate department of government with delegated administrative, legislative, and judicial powers. SCC decisions can only be appealed to the Virginia Supreme Court. For more information, see About the SCC: Overview of the Commission

The SCC holds hearings under its adjudicatory authority. Case information, including decisions, dockets, and public filings are available

Workers' Compensation Commission

The Workers' Compensation Commission is responsible for administering the Virginia's Workers' Compensation Act.

Virginia Taxation

The Virginia Department of Taxation, in addition to providing state tax forms for individuals and business and filing instructions, also provides pubic policy decisions, regulations and guidance for Virginia tax related issues. Virginia tax law can be researched using the resources provided by the Law Library's State and Local Tax Research Guide.