Publishing Articles in Law Reviews and Journals

This guide is intended for all who wish to submit articles for publication in law reviews and journals.


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How to Submit Articles for Publication

These sources provide contact information for submission to law journals as well as a brief summary of the format and timing requirements those journals use to consider submitted articles for publication.

Tips for Getting Your Scholarly Paper Published.  A guide created by the Writing Center at Georgetown Law.  In addition to providing tips for writing and editing your work for publication, this guide addresses law student access to article submission services provided through Scholastica. It was last updated in 2016 (please note that ExpressO is no longer available as of June 2021).

Information for Submitting Articles to Law Reviews & Journals.  A journal-by-journal chart compiled by Allen Rostron and Nancy Levit that describes the formatting requirements, submission policies, and contact information for over 200 law journals.  It was last updated in July of 2022.

Information for Submitting Articles to Specialty & Non-Flagship Law Journals.  A document compiled by Michael Goodyear containing information on submitting articles to specialty law journals.  Contains requirements and links to further information on over 450 law journals.  It was last updated in June of 2021.

Information for Submitting to Online Law Review Companions.  A document compiled by Bridget Crawford containing information related to submitting articles to the online companion journals of selected law reviews.  Contains information on submitting to the online companions of flagship law reviews at 45 law schools.  It was last updated in August of 2022. 

Submission of Law Student Articles for Publication.  Also curated by Allen Rostron and Nancy Levit, this guide includes recommendations for law student authors and a table detailing the publication policies for nearly 200 law reviews, specifically including whether or not they accept student-authored pieces from other academic institutions. It was last updated in September of 2016.

Faculty Resources

SSRN (Social Science Research Network) is an online repository for social science scholarship, including legal scholarship.  Support for faculty is available to help with posting scholarship to SSRN (as well as for posting to Georgetown Law's Scholarly Commons). 

Additional assistance for faculty members can be obtained through the Department of Faculty Support.