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Articles for Legal and Non-Legal Research

This is a quick guide to scholarly article databases and indexes.

Using Indexes to Find Articles by Topic

Similar to a library catalog's listing of books, a journal index is a listing of articles that appear in journals, newsletters, and magazines. Some legal journal indexes also include tables that list articles by statute or case name. The index listing includes bibliographic information about the article, including journal name, article title, author, volume, issue, page number and date, as well as one or more subject descriptors.

Using a journal index database can be more effective than using a full-text database because the search is done only in the bibliographic information and the subject descriptors(ie: securities and disclosure), therefore, the results are more relevant. The subject descriptors for an article are very important for research, for once a useful article is identified, similar articles can be found by searching the same subject terms found in the first article.

Once you locate the bibliographic information, you can use the Finding Journals Tutorial to locate the articles in the library.

Williams Library subscribes to the major legal journal indexes, and many that are non-legal. Additionally, access to the majority of indexes available at the main university library, Lauinger Library