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Pandemic Flu - Public Health Research Guide

This guide focuses on the law related to efforts in preventing, detecting and containing human influenza on the international, regional and national level.

Background & Current Information About Pandemic Flu

International / Regional

  • Influenza (WHO's Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response, EPR)
    Maintained by the WHO Global Influenza Programme. It provides a comprehensive set of links to information such as the current situation around the world; and pandemic preparedness plansfrom countries around the world.
  • EISS Weekly Electronic Bulletin (European Influenza Surveillance Scheme, EISS)
    Published every Friday during the influenza season, EISS Weekly Electronic Bulletin provides the general public and concerned parties with information on influenza activity in Europe. It also publishes commentary written by experts from the EISS group.

United States

    The official U.S. Government Web site for information on pandemic flu and swine influenza.
  • Pandemic Influenza (Centers for Disease Control))
    Explains how a pandemic starts, and the different phases of pandemics; presents a historical overview of pandemics that occurred in the 20th Century.