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Interlibrary Loan Instructions for Journal Staff

Interlibrary Loan Instructions for Journal Staff


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Requesting Materials:

  • For a book, DVD/video, microform and other physically borrowable item, request as Book under 'New Request.'
  • For a copy of an article in journal, magazine & newspaper, or a section, chapter or pages from a book or a non-circulating item (e.g. dictionary), request as Photocopy under 'New Request.'


  • Book titles that are commonly carried by libraries take approximately 5 to 7 working days to arrive.
  • Copies can arrive in few hours to 3 working days.
  • Please plan & submit requests well in advance of deadlines.

Loan Period:

  • Due dates are established by the lending libraries, not the Law Library or ILL Office.
  • Loan period varies for each borrowed item, anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, but never for a full semester.


  • Reminders are usually emailed within five days of due date.
  • Log into ILLiad > View > Checked Out Items. Click on a transaction number then on 'Renew Request.'
  • Not every item can be renewed, particularly an overdue loan. Typically, there is only one loan extension per borrowed copy and the renewal period is usually short. Maximize the use of the borrowed copy.
  • Submit a new request to borrow another copy whenever necessary.

ILL FAQs for Journal Staff

Questions Answers
What's the turnaround time for ILLs?
  • Copies can arrive in a few hours to 3 working days.
    • Since copies tend to arrive faster than loans, submit copies from books, reporters, dictionaries, etc. whenever possible.
  • Books can take 3 to 7 working days to arrive.
    • Need a book in less than 3-4 days?
      • See if the book is available electronically through main campus' George catalog.
      • See if there's a print copy available at main campus or a WRLC member library and visit that library to check-out / scan the book on-site.
Who gets notified about requested ILLs?
  • If the request was submitted under your own ILLiad account, you will receive all the emailed notices.
    • You will be responsible for returning borrowed ILL items.
    • Keep ILL books within your possession, not in the journal's shared office shelf.
  • If the request was submitted under the journal's ILLiad account, the journal office/editor will receive all the emailed notices.
    • The journal office will be responsible for returning borrowed ILL items.
    • The ILL books should be kept within the journal office.
Where and how do I get the ILLs?
  • If requested under your own ILLiad account:
    • Books are held under your name at the Williams Circulation Desk.
    • Copies are delivered electronically into your ILLiad account.
  • If requested under the journal's ILLiad account:
    • Books are delivered to the journal's mailbox behind the Office of Journal Administration's reception desk (Williams, 1st Floor).
    • Copies are delivered electronically into the journal's ILLiad account.
How long are the loan periods?
  • Loan period varies for each borrowed item, anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on lending library.
  • The due date is set by the lender, not the Law Library.
Can ILL books be renewed?
  • Renewals, if allowed by the lender, can be submitted through the ILLiad account used to request the item. Look for emailed reminder notices from
  • Renewal policy and periods depend on the lending library. Not every ILL item can be renewed, especially an overdue loan, and if allowed, only once.
  • Renewal periods are usually short. Maximize the use of the borrowed item.
  • Submit a new request to borrow a second copy whenever necessary.
Can I transfer my request to my journal's ILLiad account or vice versa?
  • No, ILL requests cannot be transferred between different ILLiad accounts. The ILLiad system precludes transaction transfers in order to keep ILL offices compliant with the copyright laws that govern interlibrary loan.
  • For example, if you already have an ILL book checked out to your name, it cannot be transferred to your journal office ILLiad account. If the journal needs to have a copy of the same book, then an ILL request to borrow a different copy must be made under the journal's ILLiad account.


ILL Tips for Journal Staff

More ILL Policies and General FAQs.

Citation / Source Tips:

  • Do not spend more than 20 minutes trying to locate a citation. Ask for help from the Reference Desk (202-662-9140,, Chat with a Librarian, located in the Reading Room), your Journal Liaison or ILL Office.
  • Source Pulling Resources for Journal Staff Research Guide.
  • Search HathiTrust for digitized versions of published materials that are now in the public domain. Note that libraries do not lend materials that are older than 100 years or more in age.
  • Try Factiva for web or online newspaper articles. Some newspaper articles do not appear in print editions.
  • Don't forget about print or microform journals. Scholarly articles published prior to the 1990s that are not found as PDF via HeinOnline or JSTOR may exist only in the print volumes. Search for the journal title in GULLiver catalog to check our print volume or microform holdings. If unavailable, then submit as an ILL.

Research Tips:

Technology Tips:

  • Check your junk folder in your email account for messages sent from the Law Center (e.g.,, main campus (e.g., and WRLC service (e.g.
    • If you use auto-forwarding, be aware that if the first email account filters a message as junk, then that message will not be forwarded to the second account.
    • All library services issue arrival notices, reminders to renew or return, and/or overdue or recall notifications. Do not ignore them.
  • The Law Library offers, a web page archival service, and Georgetown Dataverse, a digital dataset repository. Contact your Journal Liaison for more information.